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With the rapid development of our economy, new buildings are being erected in cities all around the world. The demand is increasing for suspended platforms, as well as suspended mechanism and other aerial-work equipment. To fill this need, we founded Zhenda, to develop and produce aerial-work cradles, including steel suspended scaffolds, aluminum alloy suspended platforms, hoists, suspension mechanisms and component parts. We can also design and produce many special suspended platform to meet the requirements of our customers.

Since we began, our customers' satisfaction has been most important to us. Our goal is to provide exceptional work platforms and components, which have high quality and low prices, for our clients. To achieve this goal, we built an internationally advanced CNC machining center and inspection equipment, and an advanced CAD design center and laboratory, thus improving the precision and quality of our products. In addition, our advanced technology, scientific management methods, and experienced technicians help improve production efficiency, and control our production costs.

In order to continue improving our quality control and competitive strength, we use the international quality standard as our management objective and have adopted ISO9001 international quality system management mode in our production. In 2008, our suspended platforms received ISO9001: 2000 certification and the CE certificate, and they are in accordance with the standards of similar products in Europe.

We can provide a variety of suspended platforms for aerial work. Our steel suspended platform and aluminum alloy suspended platform and others can be used where traditional scaffolds are commonly used, such as for exterior construction, decoration, and building high-rise buildings. They are also used for jobs such as plastering, bricklaying, veneering, the installation of curtain walls, painting, cleaning, maintenance, and more. They are safe and reliable to use, easy to install, and energy-efficient. As a result, they are popular in America, Bolivia, Mexico, Chili, India, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Vietnam, Algeria, and Jordan, and others.

We also offer excellent after-sale service. It is our goal that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. We even provide additional spare parts with each shipment, to ensure your work is not interrupted waiting for a minor part.
In addition, our products come with a one year guarantee, and we make shipment within 7-15 days after the receipt of payment.

We look forward to working with you.

New Products
    1. Hanging Rail BMU As a kind of small hanging rail BMU, suspended gondola achieves continuous horizontal movement by traveling along the rail track.
    1. Suspended Platform for MineThe product is designed with a safety lock to avoid rope-breaking dangers. Mainly operated via the ground-based control center, it can also be wirelessly remote controlled.
Hot Products
    1. Steel Suspended PlatformThe length of the platform can be customized according to your requirements. They can be connected freely and are convenient to transport.
    1. Aluminum Alloy Suspended PlatformOur aluminum alloy suspended platform does not need scaffolding, which largely reduces the construction cost and improves the efficiency.
    1. Special Suspended PlatformDouble layer suspended platform is made by adding one layer to the single one. Its periphery is equipped with multi-layer rail, making it safe and reliable to use.
    1. HoistSuspended platform is usually equipped with LTD 6.3 hoist (power is 1.5kw) or LTD 8.0 hoist (power is 1.8kw).
    1. Electric Control SystemIts case and main components are made by heat treatment of quality materials, so they have the characteristics of small volume, light weight and long life span, etc.
    1. Safety LockSafety lock is the most important device of aerial work suspended platform.
    1. Suspension MechanismIn addition to general suspension mechanism, our company can also design suspension mechanisms for special roofing in accordance with various structures of house (see the following Figure)

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