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Hanging Rail BMU

1. BMU system for ship

Brief Introduction
As a kind of small hanging rail BMU, suspended gondola achieves continuous horizontal movement by traveling along the rail track. The rail system is made up of three parts, embedded parts, track bracket and steel track. The embedded parts can be cast to the floor as well as the structure wall in a horizontal direction. After the outside installation of embedded parts, we can fix the rail bracket on the embedded steel plate, and then weld the track to track bracket.

1. With the hanging track laid outside the roof parapet, this equipment can travel along the track freely and complete operations of different facades.
2. Our hanging rail BMU has the characteristics of smooth running, accurate casting, easy to use, high degree of automation, etc.

Scope of Application
This hanging rail BMU is widely used in the construction of buildings with top cap structure, complex and unique design, and intricate floors. In addition, the parapets of the buildings should have certain bearing capacity. Based on the above conditions, our hanging rail BMU can come into play. However, it is really difficult or costly for the single track horizontally adhering to the wall to finish construction of such complicated buildings.

Technical Parameters

Model CUG500
Load Rating 400-500kg
Travel Speed 7m/min
Lift Speed 9.3m/min
Motor Power 2×0.37kw+2×1.5kw

2. Main Components
The hanging rail BMU is mainly made up of wire rope winder and control system of electric appliance.

2.2 Control System of Electric Appliance
The electric appliance control system is an indispensable device used in the hanging rail BMU to control movement of the machine.

Details about Control System of Electric Appliance

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