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Suspended Platform for Mine

Suspended Platform for Mine

The M50 suspended platform for mine use is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor, and its platform and is lifted by 2 independent steel ropes coupled with the guide pulleys and the front beam assembly. The product is designed with a safety lock to avoid rope-breaking dangers. Mainly operated via the ground-based control center, it can also be wirelessly remote controlled.

Due to the limited motor horsepower for rope reeling, the product offers maximum lifting height of 50m. It is safe and reliable, and features simple structure, low maintenance, and easy operation.

Utilized inside the mine well, the suspended platform can operate in all weather conditions, allowing users to rationally arrange their production plans and improve their working efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Rated Capacity350kg
Lifting Height50m
Lifting Speed8.2±0.5m/min
Platform Dimension(L*W*H)800*700*1900mm
Suspension SystemRated Overhang of Front Beam1300mm
Height of Front Beam2500mm
Hoist Type LTD8.0
Motor TypeY2EJ90L4
Voltage According to your demand
Rotation Speed1400 r.p.m.
Brake Torque15 N/m
Safety LockTypeLSL30 (Centrifugal)
Allowable Impulsive Force20KN
Steel Wire Rope Φ8.3 (2pcs)
Power Cable1 pcs
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