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Arc-shaped Suspended Platform

Arc-shaped Suspended Platform

Arc-shaped suspended platform is suitable for use in the construction of arc-shaped buildings. It is applicable to high rise elevator and ropeway installation, chimney construction, and boiler maintenance, etc. Relying on domestic absolutely preceding professional standards and our practical designing and operating experience, we can produce a wide range of nonstandard arc-shaped suspended platforms for aerial work. These arc-shaped suspended platforms are now widely used in the construction of the project engineering with complex construction environment and high construction difficulty. In addition, we can also manufacture special suspended platform according to your requirements on specifications and applications. As a professional suspended platform manufacturer in China, we also produce steel suspended scaffolds, aluminum alloy suspended scaffolds and other suspended platforms.

Its unique design and manufacturing process enable it to be used for a long time with stable and reliable performance. It is a kind of work platform widely used in construction, maintenance and in cleaning and repairing the outside wall of building.

Thank you for paying attention to our website. We are a professional suspended platform supplier in Wuxi, China. With years of experience, we can produce a wide range of suspended paltforms with high quality and efficiency. They have passed the quality management system certification and are CE certified. Our buiness line has expanded to Ameica, Poland, Mexico, Algeria, India, Vietnam, Chili, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, etc. We would like to provide service for more customers.

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