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Special Suspended Platform

  • Hanging Rail BMU
    1. As a kind of small hanging rail BMU, suspended gondola achieves continuous horizontal movement by traveling along the rail track. The rail system is made up of three parts, embedded parts, track bracket and steel track. The embedded parts can be cast to the floor as well as the structure wall in a horizontal direction. After the outside installation of embedded parts, we can fix the rail bracket on the embedded steel...
  • Suspended Platform for Mine
    1. The M50 suspended platform for mine use is driven by a three-phase asynchronous motor, and its platform and is lifted by 2 independent steel ropes coupled with the guide pulleys and the front beam assembly. The product is designed with a safety lock to avoid rope-breaking dangers. Mainly operated via the ground-based control center, it can also be wirelessly remote controlled.
  • Adjustable Platform
    1. The adjustable platform product is designed to use in combination with conventional standard products. Its angle is adjustable between 90° and 135°, via the adjusting knob at its bottom. The product feature convenient connection with other products, and is ideal for the construction and maintenance of buildings with irregular corner angles...
  • 90-degree Platform
    1. As a professional suspended platform manufacturer in China, we can design and produce different forms of special suspended platform for our customers to meet the various specific requirements. 90° assembly suspended platforms is available...
  • Arc-shaped Suspended Platform
    1. Arc-shaped suspended platform is suitable for use in the construction of arc-shaped buildings. It is applicable to high rise elevator and ropeway installation, chimney construction, and boiler maintenance, etc. Relying on domestic absolutely preceding professional standards and our practical designing and operating experience, we can produce a wide range...
Special Suspended Platform

Main Characteristics of Special Suspended Platform
Our special suspended platform are steel suspended platform or aluminum alloy suspended platform.
They have high safety factor and are convenient to use.
They are driven by electric power, which improves its work efficiency.

Categories and Applications of Special Suspended Platform
Double layer suspended platform is made by adding one layer to the single one. Its periphery is equipped with multi-layer rail, making it safe and reliable to use.

Arc-shaped suspended platform is a kind of working platform used for arc-shaped building construction, such as cable installation of high lever elevator, construction of granary, colliery, large tanks and chimney, and maintenance of boiler and so on.

Chimney suspended platform is applicable to high altitude construction operation, for example, cleaning and painting the inner wall of chimney of electric power plant. It is used to maintain chimney and boiler, etc.

Aside from special suspended platform, we can provide a variety of suspended platforms and some optional components. Our steel suspended platform, aluminum alloy suspended platform and others have obtained ISO certification and CE certificate. They sell well in America, India, Poland, Bolivia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and other places. We look forward to cooperate with you.

Single person suspended platform is safe and convenient to use. It is equipped with urgent stop and limit brake apparatus.

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    1. Suspension Mechanism Suspension mechanism is installed on the top of the building for hanging suspended platform by wire ropes.
      It is carried out through wire ropes, cables and suitable rigging hardware to facilitate connection of the platform to the overhead structure. A hoist mechanism is then used to lower or raise the height of the platform...