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Load Limit Electric Control System

Load Limit Electric Control System

Load Limit Electric Control System
The type of electric control system is an indispensable device used in the hanging rail BMU to control movement of the machine.

The load limit protection device is available in a hanging rail BMU. It is usually installed at the joint of hoisting machine and suspended platform or inside the hoisting machine. When the suspended platform is overloaded, the tension force of the hoisting cable increases, then the load limit protection device starts to turn off the circuit, so as to make the suspended platform stop work. The excess load should be removed before normal operation.

Aside from suspended mechanism, we can provide many other kinds of equipment for aerial work, such as steel suspended platform, aluminum alloy suspended platform, safety lock, hoist, and some optional components and so on. As an experienced suspended platform supplier, we can also produce special suspended platform to meet the requirements of different customers.
Due to their high quality and our excellent service, our products are now used in America, Mexico, India, Algeria, Bolivia, Jordan, Chili, and more. In addition, they have received CE certificate and ISO9001:2000 certificate.
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