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Suspension Mechanism

  • Normal Suspension Mechanism
    1. Suspension mechanism is installed on the top of the building for hanging suspended platform by wire ropes.
      It is carried out through wire ropes, cables and suitable rigging hardware to facilitate connection of the platform to the overhead structure. A hoist mechanism is then used to lower or raise the height of the platform.
      Our suspended mechanism is an ideal equipment for construction...
  • Movable Suspension Mechanism
    1. This movable suspension mechanism is configured with universal wheel installation components which are welded at the bottom of front and rear seat. This new design enables wheels to be mounted directly at the bottom of this device, thus making it movable. This product is ideal substitute for conventional trolleys for the suspension mechanism transporting....
Suspension Mechanism

Suspension Mechanism

Adjustable Suspension Mechanism of ZLP series Suspended Access Equipment

Rated extension of front beam 1500mm
Rated suspending load 8KN×2
Distance from bottom of suspending retractile beam to ground 1200mm
Maximal distance between front and rear bracket 4600mm

In addition to general suspension mechanism, our company can also design suspension mechanisms for special roofing in accordance with various structures of house (see the following Figure)

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