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Safety Lock

Safety Lock

Safety Lock
Safety lock is the most important device of aerial work suspended platform. Our swinging arm type anti-titling safety lock adopts advanced technique. And when the steel wire rope breaks or work platform inclination is less than or equal to 8°, our safety lock can lock the steel wire rope, thus preventing the suspended platform from falling down.

Model Structural principle Allowable load Distance between rope and lock Angle between rope and lock
LSG20 Swinging arm type 800kg ≤200mm ≤8°

Situated in Wuxi, China, Zhenda dedicate to provide a wide range of high quality suspended platforms for various customers to use in construction, decoration, painting, and maintenance of high-rise building. Our primary products are steel suspended platform, aluminum alloy suspended platform, special suspended platform, hoist, safety lock and so on. With years of experience, we can now produce a variety of suspended platforms and components and our products have received CE certificate and ISO certificate. Besides, we can manufacture special suspended platform as per our customers' requirements. All these efforts are recognized by our customers in America, Mexico, Algeria, India, Bolivia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Chili, and Ae, etc. And we would like to cooperate with more clients. If you are in need of any of our products, please call us.

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